Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy First Day of Advent 2009

So Advent is here, and its exciting!  This is our first family celebration of it, and really its the first time I've ever celebrated it ever.  I'm finishing up the calendar I made to start using on the first day of December in terms of crafting, but in terms of marking the Advent season start proper we started reading from the bible using this site every night before supper.

I also got a candle holder thing and I'm lighting one candle this week every night to burn while we eat.  Its not purple, as is tradition for this week, but I have a ton of candles and its in a candle holder so you can't see the color anyway.

Then we all played some Wii Sports as a family activity and drank hot chocolate with candy canes.

Found at Flickr.

Hope you are starting your Advent season in good spirits, health and remembrance of what this time of year really means.  :)

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