Thursday, December 31, 2009

Whale Onesie

Found at Etsy.

Kitty Kitty Meow Meow

So cute...

Found at Crazy Mom Quilts (no tutorial).

Big Squares = Fast

So I learned some things today.  Sashing is the white sections between the colored sections I think.  Basting is putting the back, middle and top of the quilt together.   And this quilt looks like it was done with large fabric sections which would make it super duper fast to make.

Found at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Stripes, I Like

Found at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Pale Blue & Red

Found at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Ooooo Brown & Blue

Found at Crazy Mom Quilts.

How To Free Motion Quilting (a.k.a the squiggly lines)

Info on how to do this and tips at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Green & Pinks

Found at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Red & Blue

Love reds with blues!

Found at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Quilt Math, How Many Squares & Twin, Double, Queen, King

Damn math.  Grr.  This is very useful though.  Cause you need to know how many squares you'll need yo!

Found at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Octopus Stencil

This would be good for stencil painting too.  I just bought some paint today and have some onesies.  Hmmm...

Found at Crap I've Made.

Washer Necklaces

These seem to be all the rage on ETSY and in the blogosphere world.  They look to be quite simple to make with the right tools.  Go find out how to make them at the link below.

Found at Crap I've Made.

Greeting Card Garland

Cut up old cards with a circle punch.  
Found at Craftypod.

Toothpick Glitter Balls

I know Christmas is over, and trust me, I'm over Christmas decorations, but I've seen these at stores and now I know how to make them.  Dip a toothpick in glue, cover with glitter and poke into a foam ball.  Interesting eh?

Found at Craftypod.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quilt in an Hour

Found at DIY Wedding.

Punched Mobile Love

Caption reads: This mobile uses simple punched circles, folded a couple times, and strung with seed beads to keep them in place along the string. Such simple materials and processes, and such a beautiful result.

Found at Craftypod.


I need to get some of these up on the walls.  I've got a few of them in the basement just waiting for spray paint.  Then I can put my family pics up.

How great does this look!  Found at Crafty Sisters.

Bag Making Tutorial for Newbs

This is something I've wanted to do for a while now.  Finally I think this tutorial is just what I've been looking for.  Start at the link below for the first part - the terminology of all the sewing words.

Tutorial starts at U-Handbag.

Art with Punched Paper

I've always thought paper punched stuff was fun, but I don't scrapbook so I didn't have much of a use for them or the pretty papers.  But I like stuff on my walls...

 Tutorial at Lollychops.

Stencil Your Own Clothes

After going through old baby clothes, I found some hideous embroidery jobs and onesies that lack that certain something.  I figured I'd embroider something on them or stencil and this just might the perfect tutorial to try that with...

Found at Angry Chicken.

Framed Valentine

So the next crafting event is Valentines.  This would look good framed in a frame I think.

Name in Buttons?

I don't have any fancy letters adorning my son's wall in his room.  I've been meaning to do something like it.  I wonder if you could do it with spare buttons and spray adhesive or the like.  Hmmm.  Just filing it here as an idea.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lovebirds for Anniversary

This artist is so talented with felt its amazing beyond words.  One of her projects involved a lovely pair of birds with the anniversary date below and a lovely saying.

Found at Checkout Girl.

Felty Surname House

Although I have no desire to work with felt for a long time (Advent anyone?) this is cute, and I might be convinced to do one of these for our home with our name (obviously).

Found at Checkout Girl.

Journals to Kids

Journal special times, special things said.
I love this idea.  Found at Beneath my Heart.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Make Coasters

Found at Beneath My Heart.

Hanging Plates

I like this idea for hanging plates, not that I have any to hang, but if I decide I like that idea...

Found at Shabby Chic Cottage

Pillow Repurpose

This may be gross to talk about, but I have a ton of old misformed pillows.  I can wash the insides, so I wonder if this will work for me.

Found at The Shabby Chic Cottage and use dropcloth fabric for containing the fluff. 

Evil Pie Thing

Maybe next Christmas?

Made A Dog Toy

So just the other day we talked about how our dog Toby's rope toy had lasted the longest of all the toys we've had for him (and we've tried em all.)  Lo and behold, hours later, he found a way to shred the living tar out of it, after YEARS of good play.  So when I saw the dog toy tutorial, I thought I'd give it a try eventually.

I don't anticipate it lasting more than a day, as its made of an old t-shirt, but so far, he's passionate about it, and its longer than our old stand by, socks with holes in them, aka 'sock rocks'.

Made by me from an old shirt.

Ottoman Cover, Oooooo

Currently we use a twin fitted sheet to put over our ottoman, and it works well, keeping us from the grossness that is something that we can't wash.  But this is very much prettier...

Found at Sew Much Ado.

Crayon Tinting Embroidery

Tutorial found at Urban Threads.

Cute Messenger Bag

Dog Toy

Found at Wipster.

Hemming without Bunching

When sewing hems, sometimes things bunch really ickily.  Avery useful tip...

Found at Off The Cuff.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


This could be very helpful should I ever feel like making a banner.

Found at Clover Lane.


Supa cute jumper, found at Beau Baby.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


One of the projects I want to work on is some picture frames with the letters J, O, Y in them.  Signifying:
Jesus first
Others second
Yourself last
Its a motto I want to instill in my kids and myself very much.  Reminders never hurt.

Anyway, the lettering for this is very cute:

Friday, December 25, 2009

Pinky & Brown Quilt

Pretty.  No tutorial, found at Cicada Studio.

Super Simple Tied Quilt (No Idea What That Means)

Two pieces of fabric, sew the edges together.  This could almost be done in a day, actually it really could be done in hours I suspect.

The complete tutorial found at Cicada Studio.

Strip Quilt

Oh wow.

No tutorial but found at Cicada Studio.

Quilting Ruler in Action

Baby Quilt with White Know Ho

Tracing Box

When making my Advent calendar I did some crude tracing off my computer screen.  This would have been much easier!

Tutorial at Chico & Jo.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wow, Free Art

Tons of free art at Feed Your Soul.

Elastic Gold

Use this, to turn tee shirts into...


Found at The Sewing Dork.

Layered Legs

Super cute layeredness found at The Sewing Dork.

No More Paper Towels

Even though my dad makes paper towels for a living, I don't use them.  I've always thought it was the most wasteful thing to do.  For years we've used rags cut into squares and just machine wash them.  Old towels, old fabric, you name it.  It ain't pretty but they work great.  I need to make some proper when I get some cash to buy some fabric.  What about sewing some for a gift?  How great is that?

Found at The Sewing Dork.