Monday, January 18, 2010

Love It Monday

In the spirit of the website I Love This Product, I thought it would be fun to maybe talk about my favorite things.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to find something every Monday, but I'll never know unless I try.

So this Monday, you know I have to talk about my Roomba.  In my life at the moment, the consumer product that makes me smile and fills my day with a feeling of normalcy is the little vacuum I got at the Boxing Day sales this year.

Its an older model, like somewhere in the 400 series.  It doesn't go back to its dock when its done (it doesn't have one.) It doesn't have a scheduler.  It doesn't clean itself.  It doesn't make me coffee in the morning, but it does clean-my-floors.

I have a dog.  They said when we got him, he wouldn't shed much.  Ha.  Lies.  Little brown hairs.  He sheds a great deal.  Anyway, I don't even want to think back to when we had carpet and what we were walking on - shudder - but now with all hardwood and linoleum, I see the hair.

 Mine looks exactly like this, but its not orange, its white.

I'm not sure why, its probably a sign of maturity and just a natural progression of aging, but when I was younger I just didn't care to clean stuff.  Now in my early 30's I just have progressed to the point where when my house is dirty, I'm in a foul mood.  I know how to clean most things, but the floor was always the place where I could never win.

 I was willing to dish out any kind of money to do it too.  The number of different Swiffers, Sharkjet things I've boughten, and then have died and broke, would fill a small room.  So when I heard a friend mention her love of the Roomba, I thought, 'I think I'm gonna start saving some money.'

Let me just say that before Roomba, my feet (being a barefootie kind of gal with hardwood floors) were always covered in hair and dark dirt at the end of a day.  When I jumped in the shower, it was the first thing to come off.  I noticed on day two that when I jumped in the shower post Roomba, my feet were FEET COLORED and the water wasn't dirty like before.  It was quite major.  This thing was actually cleaning my floor to the point of amazing perfection.

I do wonder though if the size of our house makes a difference in its success.  I don't know how it would do if it was a sprawling mansion.  It will run for about an hour and it will go over spots several times.  I always take care of the batteries by running them down completely every time too.  If Roomba says its done, I just press the button again, and run til it blinks red.

Anyway, even after almost a month, I'm still enamoured with it.  I honestly worry some days what I'd do without it - and how I'd have to go back to... blah... I don't wanna think about that anymore.

Now I'm not trying to promote consumerism by any means, but if a Roomba has been on your list for a while now and you aren't sure, give it a try, I think you might be thrilled.

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