Monday, December 14, 2009

Tablecloth Lightbulb Moment

Okay, something else maybe you don't know about me.  I get these, hmmm, revelations, or aha moments, as Oprah would say - for normal everyday things that other people probably already realize.  While not blonde, they feel blonde-ish to me.

One popular one that my family jokes about is the realization that, plums are prunes.  Yeah, amazing eh?  So every time we have prunes, that gets brought up, or vice versa - plums.

Anyway, just had a duh moment.  While looking at the picture below, I thought, oh what a beautiful tablecloth.  Then I realized, holy crap, I could actually sew my own tablecloth by buying awesome beautiful fabric....  I'm a sad creature yes?

Found at A Quilt is Nice.

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